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After 28 years, we will be closing the company due to the untimely death of our founder.  Purchases will no longer be accepted.


Layer Utilities
Drawing Tabs / Manager
Noting Utilities

HVAC Designer
Electrical Designer
Plumbing Isometrics
MEP Designer

Product Overview

About CAE-Link

ACAD 2009-2012 Tips


LispLink 2010-2015 LISP editor
Layer Utilities 2010-2015 Layer utility toolbar (no license required)
DwgTab/Manager 20010-2015 (no license required)
Noting Utilities Stand alone and included in all CL systems (2010-2015)
HVAC Designer Create HVAC systems with ease (2010-2015)
Plumbing Isometrics Drag and drop Plumbing Isometric components and rotate in place (2010-2015)
Electrical  Designer Lighting, Power, Special Systems (2010-2015)
MEP Designer Noting, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Isometrics
Product Overview Brief product descriptions
Languages License and Activation CAE-Link Software Sales Policy
All updates have been tested and are compatible with multiple languages. The command prompts remain in English for this version, All new and updated downloaded systems will require you to enter a new license code for ACAD 2013. The current license codes will NOT work for the ACAD 2013 updates.

CAE-Link products are provided on a 30-day evaluation or annual subscription basis ONLY. The 30-day evaluation license is available at no cost. Upon expiration of the evaluation or annual subscription license, a license renewal must be purchased for continued use; otherwise, the product will cease to operate.

Announcment Supported ACAD Versions Operating System Compatibility

CAE-Link will not portLispLink or DwgMgr to Briscad.

CAE-Link products are compatible with ACAD
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

All CAE-Link 2015 products are XP, Vista and Windows 7 x86/x64 compatible.  2015 is compatible with Windows 8


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